Apprentices around town

From directing their own work to staring in other theatre productions to running their own theatre companies,  many past Portland Playhouse apprentices are active members of the Portland theatre scene.  Check out the work of our past apprentices now appearing in a theatre near you.


By Idris Goodwin

Co-Directed by: Jerry Foster (Artistic Director of PassinArt) & Stan Foote (Artistic Director of OCT)

Featuring: Season 7 Apprentice La' Tevin Alexander (Cassius) & Season 9 Apprentice Charles Grant (Eddie, Cassius' childhood friend)

March 3rd - 25th | Delores Winningstad Theatre (Oregon Children's Theatre)

Every superhero has an origin story.  Twelve-year-old Cassius Clay’s story begins in segregated Louisville, KY, when his bike gets stolen and he meets a police officer who teaches him how to box.  Step into the ring with Cassius as he becomes one of the world’s greatest boxers and civil rights advocates, Muhammad Ali. 

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Founded by former Playhouse Apprentice La'Tevin Alexander.

Confrontation Theatre’s mission is to provoke all-inclusive audiences through excellent, affordable theatre as we confront the unique experiences and perspective of the Black diaspora by focusing on and supporting works by artists of African descent.

With a slew of theatre companies in the Portland metropolitan area, it’s easy to assume there is an adequate proportion of diversity within this vibrant arts hub. Although there are dozens of companies here, only THREE were founded and/or managed by Afro-Americans, Blacks or Africans. With this reality, it’s imperative another company founded and managed by Black women and men gives rise to not only entertain, confront and enlighten audiences but also create more opportunities for Black artists to display and develop their share and share their authentic stories unapologetically.

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