Equity & Non-equity General Auditions for the 2018-19 Season

June 26, 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm  

June 27, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

 Portland Playhouse

602 NE Prescott St, Portland, OR 97211

Prepare two contrasting contemporary monologues and an optional 16 bars of a song (accompanist will be provided both days).

Equity auditions should be no longer than four (4) minutes in length.

Non-Equity auditions should be no longer than two (2) minutes — we may only have time to see one monologue for Non-Equity Actors.  

Please bring one headshot with stapled resume.  

Equity appointments can be made by sending an email to Tina Mascaro at

You will be required to show your Equity card at the audition.

For Non-Equity Actors: Please arrive on the day of auditions to schedule an appointment.

We will begin making appointments at 2:00 pm on June 26 and at 9:00 am on June 27.

Artistic Director Brian Weaver will be present at auditions.


by Will Eno (PRECAST)

directed by Gretchen Corbett

Rehearses Aug 28 - Sept 25; Performs Sept 26 - Oct 21

What are we here for? Is time a friend or an enemy? Do we all eventually end up in the same place, but take different routes to get there? This funny, moving, and thought-provoking new play [...] challenges the notion of what really matters and recognizes the importance of life’s simple pleasures. (All of which might sound dreary, but there’s a chance this will be a really good experience.)

GUY - male, 40s-60s, youthful looking but might suddenly look gaunt or unwell, in the wrong (right) lighting. He's in a wheelchair.

LISA - female 30s-50s. A warm and caring person, but not inclined toward any kind of sentimentality. Loving, and, matter-of-fact, in equal amounts.


by Charles Dickens

directed by Brian Weaver

Rehearses Nov 5 - Nov 30; Performs Dec 1 - Dec 30

Join Ebenezer Scrooge and the ghostly spirits who visit on Christmas Eve and guide the grumpy miser through a redemptive and transformative journey towards friendship and love.  Hopeful, musical, and above all fun; our production has won three awards, including: BEST PLAY, BEST ENSEMBLE, and BEST DIRECTOR.

7 STORYTELLERS - Storytellers will take on all the other roles, sing, and play various instruments. All races, gender identities, and ages are encouraged to audition.


by Emma Stanton

directed by Tea Alegic

Rehearses Dec 31 - Jan 15; Performs Jan 16 - Feb 10

At the center of No Candy is a multi-generational community of Bosnian Muslim women who survived the Srebrenica genocide and, years later, open a gift shop for tourists who visit the Srebrenica memorial. While No Candy is very much about how trauma inhabits the body and shapes a community, it is also about the persistence of humor, art, and absurdity in an unimaginable time.

ZLATA - F, late 30s

UMA - F, late 60s/early 70s

OLENA -F, early 30s

FAZILA - F, early 40s

ASJA - F, 13, daughter of ORIC and FAZILA                                                          

MAJA - F, late teens

ORIC - M, early 40s, dead

All are Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslim).


by Regina Taylor

directed by Patdro Harris

Rehearses Feb 11 - March 12; Performs March 13 - April 7

Portland Playhouse garnered much acclaim for its musicals with successes such as A Light in the Piazza, Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson, and most recently, Scarlet. Crowns brings the musical experience back to the Playhouse stage in a big way. A female driven cast tells the story of Yvonne, a young woman transplanted from Brooklyn to South Carolina following a family tragedy. There she meets a circle of women who share with her the history, the importance, the power of the hat.Crowns is a not-to-be-missed celebration of song, dance, cultural history—and glamorous headwear.

All characters should be able to sing and dance / move

YOLANDA - Young black woman, 17. Mix of Hip Hop ,gospel, jazz, blues, R&B.

MOTHER SHAW - Black woman, 60-70. Salt of the earth. Matriarch.

VELMA - Black woman, 40-50. Outstanding vocalist and has over-the-top personality. Mortician who has buried too many classmates.

JEANNETTE - Black woman, 25-35. Dancer or great mover. Accused of being too flirtatious with other women’s husbands.

WANDA - Black woman, 40-50. Very proper. By the book school teacher.

MABEL - Black woman, 40-50. Preacher’s wife and very proud to be a first lady. Bigger than life. Bodacious.

MAN - strong preacher type, 40-50. Charismatic.