Social Justice Festival


The Social Justice Festival began as an idea three years ago with a conversation between Roosevelt High School’s theatre teacher, Jo Lane, and Portland Playhouse Director of Education, Nikki Weaver. Their vision was manifested with our first Social Justice Project in 2016. This year we are bringing the ideas to life at three partnering high schools.

The main purpose of The Social Justice Festival is to engage students within their own schools to communicate more, to share ideas, to challenge assumptions, and to question

What is Social Justice?

How do we talk about social justice? How do we define it? How do we take ACTION? The program allows students to do all of these things through the power of investigation, imagination, and research.

Led by dedicated teaching artists the program seeks to create a visceral response to understanding more about a certain topic. This school year we will focus on ableism and are working with Roosevelt High, Franklin, and Rex Putnam High School. Students will create devised work that asks the audience to take their own action as a response to what they see. Each school will perform a 30 minute piece, and each school will perform at all three schools over two weekends in the spring.