ASL Interpretation available on Dec. 13 at 7 pm and Dec. 22 at 2 pm.

By Charles Dickens
Adaptation and original lyrics by Rick Lombardo
Original Music by Anna Lackaff and Rick Lombardo
Music Arrangements by Anna Lackaff
Directed by Brian Weaver and Cristi Miles

Join Ebenezer Scrooge and the ghostly spirits who visit on Christmas Eve and guide the grumpy miser through a redemptive and transformative journey towards friendship and love.  Hopeful, musical, and above all fun; our production has won three awards, including: BEST PLAY, BEST ENSEMBLE, and BEST DIRECTOR.

Run time:  1 hour 50 minutes, including one 15 minute intermission.

Performances will be held at Portland Opera's Hampton Opera Center, 211 SE Caruthers Street, Portland.  This location offers ample parking and quick access to the street car, Max trains and buses at the base of the Tilikum Crossing. 



Ebenezer Scrooge  - Todd Van Voris*

Young Scrooge, Collecting Man 2, Molly, Topper, Businessman 3 - Eric Little *

Bob Cratchit, Mr. Fezziwig, Businessman 2 - Julian Remulla

 Ghost Present, Fred, Businessman 1 -  Charles Grant

 Mrs. Cratchit, Edna, Old Joe -  Claire Rigsby

Ghost Past, Belle, Collecting Man 1, Hermione -  Rachel Lewis

 Marley, Mrs. Dilber    -  Sarah Smith

Dick Wilkins, Ship's Watch, Undertaker's Man -  Kristopher Adams

Fan, Elizabeth (Fred's wife)  -   Kayla Kelly

Mrs. Fezziwig, Martha Cratchit -  Tina Mascaro

Cratchit Children

Actors playing the Cratchit children share the roles and performance duties. Performance assignments are noted below.

Belinda, Maid, Fezziwig Daughter - Saoirse Brecht (Dec. 3,6,8,10,13,15,16m, 17, 20,22m, 26e, 27, 28, 30e)

                                                                -  Maeve Z. O’Connor (Dec. 2,5,7,9,12,14,16e, 19,21,22e,23e,24,26m,27e, 29

Willie, Fezziwig Daughter - Alia Cohn (Dec. 5,6,12,13,16m,17,20,22m,23m, 16e, 27m, 28)

                                                  - Chiara Rothenberg (Dec. 2,3,7-10,14,15,16e, 19,21,22e, 23e, 24, 25,,27e, 29,30e)

Boy Scrooge, Peter, Turkey Boy, Miner family - Atticus Salmon  (Dec. 2,3,8,9, 10-23)

                                                                                      - Phillip Wells  (Dec. 5-7, 22m, 24-30)

Young Boy, Alice, Turkey Girl, Miner family  -  Serelle Strickland  (Dec. 7,9,12,14,16m, 17, 20, 22m, 23-28)

                                                                                  - Lauren Clark  ( Dec. 3,6,8,10,13,15, 16e, 19,22,21e, 29,30)

Tiny Tim, Miner family  - Rainbows Leoniak  (Dec. 2,6,8,13,15,16e, 19-21,. 22e, 23e, 26m, 27e)

                                              - Margot Weaver  (Dec. 3,5,7,9, 10,12,14,16m, 17,22m,23m,24,26e,27m, 28-30)

Creative Team

Director - Brian Weaver

Director -  Cristi Miles

Assistant Director - Benjamin Tissell

Music Director - Eric Little

Stage Manager - David Levine

Asst Stage Manager -  Lilo Alfaro

Scenic & Lighting Designer -  Dan Meeker

Properties Designer -  Rachel Schmerge        

Carpenter - Breydon Little

Costumes based on original design by Ashton Hull.


*Appears Courtesy Actors' Equity Association.

Photos by Brud Giles.