Inside the Rehearsal Room with... AMY KATRINA BRYAN

Amy assisted Kevin Jones, director of THE PIANO LESSON, and wanted to share her thoughts about working on this epic play by August Wilson. 

AMY: I worked as an apprentice for the Playhouse from 2013-2014, and that's when I discovered August Wilson. I was lucky enough to assist G. Valmont Thomas on JITNEY, and I was opened up to a new world of theatrical brilliance. I have read plays before that touched and moved me deeply, but never ten in a row by the same playwright. And that's what happened when I read the American Century Cycle. 

I often sat in the rehearsal room thinking, 'How could some little white girl from the Oregon Coast identify with these deeply complex and brilliant characters from Pittsburgh's Hill District?' But I sat there every single rehearsal identifying deeply with something new. 

August Wilson's plays are universal. They speak the truth so poetically and so musically. He speaks every word from the heart. What drew me specifically to THE PIANO LESSON is that it is the heart of all of his plays.

THE PIANO LESSON runs until November 16th -- get your tickets here!

 Amy, center, during the first rehearsal of THE PIANO LESSON.

Amy, center, during the first rehearsal of THE PIANO LESSON.