Introducing... Acting Apprentice ADRIANA BORDEA!

Adriana Bordea, Acting Apprentice and marketing assistant extraordinaire, shares a little bit of herself with us. Welcome, Adriana!
Portland Playhouse (PPH): Where you are from?
Adriana: Vancouver (The Couve), WA

PPH: Where did you study?
Adriana: VSAA and Clark College

PPH: Whats a shameless brag you want the world to know?
Adriana: I can find hella good bargains. I once bought a brand new formal dress for $2.50 that I ended up wearing to my winter formal, no joke! 

PPH: Tell us a embarrassing moment that still haunts you?
Adriana: Oh gosh....It will probably have to be the night I hit up Old Town with my friends to go to 80s night at the Crystal Ballroom. I was decked out and had some white go-go boots on, of course, and while crossing the street, I did a full on split in front of a whole bunch of cars. I ended up scraping my knee pretty bad but had a random guy offer to put a leaf on it to stop the bleeding, which totally helped. Later that night, I fell flat on my butt a second time...the odds. I have since then not worn those shoes, the battle scar still haunts me to this day.

PPH: What was your "a-ha" moment that made you realize you wanted to be an actor?
Adriana: Has to be when I discovered film acting in college. It felt so amazing to just be simplistic and realize I didn't have to do much, that I could just be me. 

PPH: What did you want to be when you were five years old?
Adriana: Toss up between a figure skater or a veterinarian

PPH: Who do you admire?
Adriana: My Mama. Such a strong woman who has stuck true to who she is, she is AMAZING!

PPH: Tell us about your favorite experience onstage to date? 
Adriana: Once in my film acting class, a guy and I were partnered up to do a scene, and I got so into the character that my body took over and I started shaking hella bad. It was such an out of body experience! So scary and awesome at the same time. That's what brings to back to acting each and every time, those moments. 

PPH: What are you listening to in your car (or iPod) right now?
BEYONCE!!!!! and some Spring Awakening/Lizzie The Musical in between :) 

Glad to have you, Adriana! 

 Adriana as Boo the Dog! 

Adriana as Boo the Dog!