Introducing... Acting Apprentice EMMA BRIDGES!

Acting Apprentice Emma Bridges hails from Littleton, Massachusetts, right outside of Boston. Let's give her a big welcome, and read more about her, below!

Portland Playhouse (PPH): Where did you study?
Emma: Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. I also studied for a semester at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin and at the Atlantic Acting School in New York.

PPH: Tell us an embarrassing moment that still haunts you?
Emma: ... I have been to a Nickelback concert. NICKELBACK WAS COOL IN 9TH GRADE, I SWEAR. My dad made me go.

PPH: What was your "a-ha" moment that made you realize you wanted to be an actor?
Emma: I don't remember realizing that I "wanted" to be an actor--I remember when I realized that it was POSSIBLE to be an actor, and that is what sparked it all for me. When I was 17, I studied theater at Brown University for the summer and saw that being a professional actor was a real possibility, and I never gave up on it after that. 

PPH: What is an actor trick you use that no one knows of?
Emma: I like to do breathing warm-ups to zen music! Ocean sounds, dolphins, you name it.

PPH: What are you most looking forward to in Apprenticeship?
Emma: I can't wait to see what being in A CHRISTMAS CAROL is like. Also, I am looking forward to our solo shows!

PPH: What did you want to be when you were five years old?
Emma: Hands down, a ballerina princess. 

PPH: Tell us about your favorite role to date.
Emma: I co-wrote/devised a comedy at Skidmore where I had the pleasure of playing "Ashanti", a good girl with big dreams that encountered many set backs on her way toward making her dreams come true. It was grotesquely fun. I got to sing "On My Own" from Les Mis and do an interpretive dance depicting a hot dog eating contest.

PPH: Any hobbies outside of theatre?
Emma: Yes! I love singing a cappella, playing the guitar, and learning the banjo and ukelele. Finding good food and eating it. Taking photos. Biking. Editing goofy youtube videos. Water coloring. Bird watching. I used to collect garden gnomes.

PPH: What are you listening to in your car (or iPod) right now?
Emma: Shelby Earl! She's this awesome musician gal from Seattle.

Thanks, Emma -- welcome!