Introducing... Acting Apprentice JAKE SIMONDS!

Jake Simonds, Acting Apprentice, is here to win. Check out more info about him, below:

Portland Playhouse (PPH): Where you are from? 
Jake: I hail from Rangeley, Maine. Where did you study?Lewis & Clark College, BA in English Literature. Go Pios!

PPH: What's a shameless brag you want the world to know?
Jake: I've never in my life let go of a helium balloon (in the outdoors). 

PPH: What was one actor moment that you wish you could forget?
Jake: This summer, during the second to last run of The Three Sisters, I forgot a prop! It was an old-style camera I kept around my neck, and I didn't realize it wasn't there until the scene had begun. We had this little bit where Jacob Coleman would always say in the course of greetings, "Oh, you brought your camera, let's take some photos!" and that's how the scene would start. But this time, he just looked down to where the camera usually was, and looked puzzled. This caused me to look down, and then back up at him. He told me later, I guess my eyes got really big. I took a deep breath, and then proceeded to mime holding a camera and taking a few photos. 

PPH: What is a actor trick you use that no one knows of?
Jake: I google translate my lines into another language, then back into english. Sometimes this alternate wording can illuminate things about the text.

PPH: What are you most looking forward to in Apprenticeship?
Jake: Winning the Kickball Match against the Third Rail Mentees this spring. 

PPH: What did you want to be when you were five years old?
Jake: A firefighter. 

PPH: Who do you admire?
Jake: Shavarsh Karapetyan. 

PPH: Any hobbies outside of theatre?
Jake: I love bicycling, reading, playing softball, shooting pool, drinking in moderation. 

PPH: What are you listening to in your car (or iPod) right now?
Jake: I'm rebelling against my NPR-junkie parents by listening to nothing but commercial radio in the car, and I'm loving it! 94.7 Alternative Portland, man. 

Thanks, Jake -- welcome to the team!