Introducing... Stage Management Apprentice MEREDITH MATTHEWS!

Meredith Matthews, our stage management apprentice, is gearing up for A CHRISTMAS CAROL rehearsals next week. Want to know more about her? Read below!

Portland Playhouse (PPH): Where you are from?
Meredith: Before moving to Portland, I lived in Chicago for four years. I'm originally from a small town outside of Dayton, Ohio.

PPH: Where did you study?
Meredith: I have my BFA in Stage Management from The Theatre School at DePaul University in Chicago.

PPH: What's a shameless brag you want the world to know?
Meredith: I make really beautiful paperwork.

PPH: Tell us a embarrassing moment that still haunts you?
Meredith: Probably the moment I pronounced the word colander wrong.

PPH: What was your "a-ha" moment that made you realize you wanted to be an stage manager?
Meredith: I've wanted to be a stage manager for a long time now. However, my final year at DePaul I really started questioning that. Our program was rigorous and I was questioning if I wanted to pursue stage management as a career upon graduation. I stage managed Number the Stars which was one of our theatre for young audiences productions. Working on this show and hearing the gasps of delighted children in the audience made me fall in love with stage managing all over again. I've always felt that stage management is a career that chooses you.

PPH: What was one actor/stage manager moment that you wish you could forget?
Meredith: I don't want to forget any of my moments as a stage manager. We learn the most from our failures. I always work to remember everything I can do better, and strive to do so starting immediately.

PPH: What is a actor/stage manager trick you use that no one knows of?
Meredith: My Gmail labels for sorting emails are out of this world. It really helps me to never lose track of information.

PPH: What are you most looking forward to in Apprenticeship?
Meredith: I am really looking forward to all of the faces I'll get to meet over the course of the year. The cast of THE PIANO LESSON has been so amazing to work with. It's special to come together with a team to create theatre; you become a unique little family for awhile. Each family (production) I get to be a part of is different, and you don't get that kind of bond doing anything else. It's one of a kind.

PPH: What did you want to be when you were five years old?
Meredith: An English teacher...nothing against English teachers, but I feel blessed I'm not doing that.

PPH: Who do you admire?
Meredith: I admire my mother for her ability to support all of my hopes and dreams. She is the reason I get to be in Portland right now. She is the reason I get to have the career that I want to have.

PPH: Any hobbies outside of theatre?
Meredith: I am a very social person. I enjoy dancing, trying new food, and exploring. I also love when I find time to read a book.

PPH: What are you listening to in your car (or iPod) right now?
Meredith: A pretty wide mix of artists...Tune-Yards, Modest Mouse, Sleigh Bells, The Strokes... the list goes on.

Thanks, Meredith! Welcome :)