A CHRISTMAS CAROL rehearsals have begun!

It's coming, I'm telling you I can feel it... Stores have sneakily started to bring in ornaments and trinkets one by one, those classic holiday commercials from the 90s that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and of course pulling out my "ugly" red sweater with the 12 days on it... I probably don't have to tell you... CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!!

Here at The Playhouse, we all know it. We have jumped into rehearsals for A CHRISTMAS CAROL and are a singing, dancing, and acting our way through some amazing classic Christmas tunes. When you think of ACC what comes to your mind first? Be honest... A Muppet Christmas Carol, right?! Me too!

The classic novella, written in 1843 by English author Charles Dickens, is still one of the most well-known Christmas stories told to millions around the world, and with that comes a million different interpretations. By doing a simple Google search, I found even more ridiculous but absolutely AWESOME movies. Who's up for an all-day viewing party with milk and cookies near the fireplace???

A Muppet Christmas Carol, 1992, Michael Caine, Muppets
A Flintstones Christmas Carol, 1994, The Flintstones
Scrooged, 1988, Bill Murray
A Christmas Carol, 2009, Jim Carrey
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, 2009, Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner
Barbie in A Christmas Carol, 2008, Barbie   
A Diva's Christmas Carol, 2000, Vanessa Williams

To think, this one classic story has been changed so many different ways that every interpretation has some value to each audience member however they chose to view it. So you might ask, "Well, what approach is Portland Playhouse taking on their production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL? Are there going to be Muppets popping up on the sides? Is Michael Caine going to make an appearance?!" Well, we won't be singing the same songs, and our Bob Cratchit is a bit taller than Kermit, but as for the rest of it... you'll just have to wait and find out! 

Come see us in A Christmas Carol directed by Cristi Miles here at Portland Playhouse: Preview are December 3-5, and we open on Saturday, December 6th. The show runs through Sunday, December 28th! Click here for tickets.

-Adriana Bordea, acting apprentice 

A Muppet Christmas Carol, "Scrooge" (1992).