Introducing... Acting Apprentice CORINNE GAUCHER

Help us welcome Corinne Gaucher, acting apprentice -- read more about her, below!

Portland Playhouse (PPH): Where you are from? 
Corinne: I’m from a small town in southeastern Connecticut, right next to the Rhode Island border, called North Stonington, CT. Lots of cows. LOTS of cows.
PPH: Where did you study?
Corinne: I studied and received my BA in Theatre at UNC Charlotte.
PPH: What’s a shameless brag you want the world to know?
Corinne: I am the Program Coordinator for a youth theatre program called the Summer on Stage program which runs for the month of July in Connecticut. My staff of eight and I teach the joys of theatre, music, and movement to 70+ six to sixteen year-olds per year. Man, I love those kids.
PPH: Tell us an embarrassing moment that still haunts you?
Corinne: There was that one time I fell out of a tree and a branch caught me by my underwear… I hung there stuck for quite a few minutes next to this busy backroad while cars drove by beeping and my cousin laughed from the ground. Let’s not talk about it.
PPH: What was your "a-ha" moment that made you realize you wanted to be an actor?
Corinne: Not sure that I had an acting “a-ha” moment, but I will never forget being in Snow White in the fourth grade and playing the Evil Queen. One of the dresses I wore was the most exquisite emerald green dress that I will never forget. It sounds silly, but being on stage in that dress was magical. I felt powerful and confident, and I LIKED IT.
PPH: What was one actor moment that you wish you could forget?
Corinne: I played Marcy Park in 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. In the beginning of the show, the opening number has all the “contestants”/actors running on stage as they are “checked in.” As I was walking up the stage stairs after “checking in,” my vision blacked out, and I wiped out HARD on the stairs in front of a full house and the other actors, but I jumped up and got right back into choreography. The cast held in a good chuckle while we continued. It wasn't until after the show that the stage manager came to check on me and took my temperature: I had a 101 degree fever!
PPH: What is an actor trick you use that no one knows of?
Corinne: I like to find the character physically. Where’s their center? How do they hold themselves? Where do they speak from? The work is easier when you carry the character in your bones.
PPH: What are you most looking forward to in the Apprenticeship?
Corinne: Learning more about myself mostly, as well as my place in the theatre community in Portland and beyond.
PPH: What did you want to be when you were five years old?
Corinne: A professional soccer player… or Sporty Spice. I was fine with whichever came first.
PPH: Who do you admire?
Corinne: I admire people with the strength and confidence to be who they are, while accepting and embracing their faults without apologizing.
PPH: Any hobbies outside of Theater?
Corinne: I paint. I sing. Actually, I’m really good at narrating my life and other peoples’ actions in song. And I'm really good at being awkward. 
PPH: What are you listening to in your car (or iPod) right now?
Corinne: Truthfully, my practice tracks for Portland Playhouse’s production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL, which starts rehearsals tomorrow!

Welcome Corinne and catch her and the other six acting apprentices in A CHRISTMAS CAROL, opening December 3!