A word from our ASM... DESTINY STEGALL!

Destiny is a student at Fort Vancouver High School in Vancouver, WA. She became involved with The Playhouse through our Fall Festival of Shakespeare, but we now welcome her as the Assistant Stage Manager for this production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Truly, we couldn't do it without her -see what she says about her involvement in the show so far!

"I love CHRISTMAS CAROL so much, and I am so grateful that this could be my first professional show. Doing the Fall Festival has helped me because you meet so many talented people through The Playhouse. They all just want to teach you and help you grow and help you love Shakespeare. At CAROL, everyone is here because they love theatre and want to share something special.

"Compared to my experience with high school theatre, the professionals in this production are much more bold with their choices and don't really ask to take certain jumps- they just do. Same with the technicians. In high school theatre, they take direction; the players in A CHRISTMAS CAROL are collaborating with each other.

"Doing the show during my senior year is so stressful but also great. I feel like this has added to the richness of my last year of high school. It has made it that much more memorable and special.

"Being the ASM is so lovely because I can see the whole process come together. I get to know the show inside and out because it's my job. That is the reason I do theatre. I sing along to the songs, and I do the lines along with the actors and quote the show at home (even though no one knows what I'm talking about!).

"My favorite favorite part of this show was the day we did an Italian run (also known as a speed-through of all the lines and transitions), and during the 'Mortal Flesh' song in the Miners section of Christmas Present, Eric and the whole cast did a R&B-ish version of the song. It was the best thing ever. And that's my favorite song, I think, 'Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence.' Oh, and the creepy version of 'God Rest Ye,' and definitely 'Silent Night' during the Grave Revealed section in Christmas Future. 

"But basically, I love the whole show and the entire cast and crew.That's why I look forward to going the Playhouse almost every day. Laughing, hanging out, working with theatre people... As corny as it sounds, this is what I was made to do."