HOW TO END POVERTY: Approaches 4 & 5

Approaches #4 & #5: Daily Needs and Making Opportunities
Written by Acting Apprentice and Chorus Cast member Adriana Bordea

Where does your mind go to first when you think of the word "poverty?" Take a second to close your eyes and discover what pops up. Is it something you have witnessed as a pedestrian, is it something you have seen on TV, or is it something you have experienced in your own life? For me, I can't help but jump to the obvious: Survival. Basic needs like food, shelter, clothing, and medicine. These all make up Daily Needs, which is one of the five approaches we will be exploring towards ending poverty. 

But you might also be asking yourself, how does an individual pay for all these Daily Needs, and what if they can't afford them? That's where a new approach comes in: Making Opportunities. This includes providing economic and occupational programs, job training, giving out loans to start a business, and personal development. What's interesting is without one approach, the other one is not possible. They interconnect and correlate to each other.  

Every night at "How To End Poverty," the audience will be taken on a journey right as they walk through our doors, with survey boards, history of poverty, FAQ booth, and many more installations. And that is even before the show begins! The thing you might not know is that without you, our amazing audience members, this show would not be possible. That is because not only will there be cameos, bursts of scenes, song, and dance, but one of the most important aspects (if not the most important) are the facilitated discussions with you and other audience members discussing these five approaches. The five approaches we identify are Direct Aid, Making Opportunities, Education, System Change, and Daily Needs. Which one is most important to you? Which approach will make the biggest difference? Which one do you believe is deserving of the $1,000 to help end poverty in Portland's own Multnomah County?

Below, you will find all the details. We know that $1,000 won't solve poverty, and we know it's impossible to solve poverty in 90 minutes. With HOW TO END POVERTY IN 90 MINUTES, we hope to create dialogue between audience members and impact local organizations who are working hard to fight poverty. What approach will you choose?

World Premiere
Conceived and Written by Michael Rohd and Sojourn Theatre
Directed by Liam Kaas-Lentz

How To End Poverty In 90 Minutes (with 99 people you may or may not know)

February 4 – February 22 

Portland Playhouse,
602 NE Prescott St, Portland, OR 97211

Box office: (503) 488-5822
All tickets: $40 (+$3 ticketing fee)
Rush Tickets: $20, cash only at the door, night of the show
Arts for All Tickets (EBT card): $5, cash only at the door, night of the show, up to two tickets
Each and every show, 25 tickets are given to local organizations and to individuals who are unable to afford tickets to the show. Email our Director of Community Partnerships, Elliot Leffler, for more information:  

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