HOW TO END POVERTY: A word from the chorus cast!

We caught up with some of our apprentices to see what's going on in the rehearsal room for HOW TO END POVERTY IN 90 MINUTES (with 99 people you may or may not know), which opens THIS WEEK! We wanted to know...

Portland Playhouse: Who should come see the show? What kind of audience member would enjoy it? 

Emma Bridges: I think anyone that has opinions about poverty in America, no matter what they are, should come see this show. This show is not only about making decisions towards ending poverty, it's also about community and coming together with your neighbor (that you may or may not know) and making a decision. Come see this show if you are up for a nontraditional theatrical experience, rather than your classic "sit-and-watch" play. 

Andy Haftkowycz: This show allows for audience participation in a very new way. People get a vote in the end, but when they leave the theatre, they don't necessarily leave the show. This show, the material it covers, and the conversations it allows, is very enlightening and very humbling. 

La'Tevin Alexander: EVERYONE should come see this show! Both those who have privilege and those who are in or have experienced poverty. The audience members who enjoy elevating their consciousness and engaging into meaningful dialogue/debates will enjoy this show, guaranteed. Also, those who consider themselves activists and humanitarians will enjoy this production. I was surprised at how progressive the conversations have been. People are not focusing on meaningless arguments, but instead are proactively discussing ideas and sharing anecdotes to find the most effective approach to impact poverty here in Multnomah County.

PPH: What has surprised, delighted, and challenged you throughout this devised theatre process? 

AH: A surprise has been the number of challenges that we can face doing a puppet show. We have so many amazing ideas floating around the room that at times we get slap happy and crazy trying to figure out how to make everything fit into one 2 foot by 3 foot space. Regardless, the amount of artistry that goes into devising alone is simply gratifying and humbling. Working with so many actors from Sojourn Theatre, and beyond, in Portland is a most unique experience. 

EB: A challenge in rehearsal has been creating our Hans Rosling-like puppet show with the other apprentices. Devising a puppet show is something else! I'm always delighted in rehearsal when we start the day with a round of tape ball (don't let the ball touch the floor!). We've been getting better and better, with a record score of 155 hits before the tape ball dropped!

World Premiere
Conceived and Written by Michael Rohd and Sojourn Theatre
Directed by Liam Kaas-Lentz

How To End Poverty In 90 Minutes (with 99 people you may or may not know)

February 4 – February 22 

Portland Playhouse,
602 NE Prescott St, Portland, OR 97211

Box office: (503) 488-5822
All tickets: $40 (+$3 ticketing fee)
Rush Tickets: $20, cash only at the door, night of the show
Arts for All Tickets (EBT card): $5, cash only at the door, night of the show, up to two tickets
Each and every show, 25 tickets are given to local organizations and to individuals who are unable to afford tickets to the show. Email our Director of Community Partnerships, Elliot Leffler, for more information:  

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