Apprentice Solo Show Spotlight: La’Tevin Alexander

Only 15 more days and we could not be more excited…

What are we counting down to? The Portland Playhouse Apprentice Company solo show festival, of course! We are also excited to announce that there will be an open reception at the Playhouse immediately following our June 9th performance. Consider this your extended invitation! In the meantime, while our anticipation grows, check out what our La’Tevin Alexander has to say about his piece in INHALE, 9 Questions

1. Describe your creation process? (example prompts: What were your expectations in creating? Were they fulfilled or altered? Did you keep your initial idea? What challenged, delighted, or surprised you?)

My process is weird. I'm like Sherlock Holmes solving a mystery. I deduct all the possible ways I could solve the riddle of "What in the hell am I going to do?!" until what's left is the best, most powerful choice.

2. What is your solo show title? What can we expect/what is it about (in one or two sentences)?

I don't have a title at this point. I just know it's gonna be about a Black man's experience in good ol' Amerikkka.

3. What do you hope the audience brings to your show and/or takes from your show?

I hope the audience brings an open mind to understand where I'm coming from, good vibes, and a willingness to see this country truthfully and/or an unapologetic black man. They should leave holding on to real, raw experiences of this Black man and many others who look like me.

4. Why should people come see the solo shows?

People should come see the solo shows because not often do you get see eight original pieces in one night. Also, because the pieces will be so different from each other that the audience will go away learning something new about themselves, their culture, or even other cultures and we know that we grow as human beings the more we learn about ourselves and others so this is a great opportunity to expand your humanity.

INHALE, 9 Questions
7pm, June 9th and June 10th
$10 at the door, but no one turned away
602 NE Prescott Street, Portland, OR 97211

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