Apprentice Solo Show Spotlight: Adriana Bordea

Less than 7 days, friends!

Did you hear about the epic kickball showdown between our Porltand Playhouse Apprentices and their friendly rivals the Third Rail Repertory Mentees on Monday at King School? An epic and bloody battle between worthy adversaries ending in a nail biting tie game!

If you didn't make it to the game, there are other ways to show support for our outgoing Apprentice Company... If you have not already heard, our apprentices are waist deep in tech rehearsals for their end of the year solo show festival, INHALE, 9 Questions. This will be their final farewell to their ten month apprenticeship with Portland Playhouse. Make sure you don’t miss out on this bittersweet spectacular. When else do you get to see eight vastly difference performances in only two hours? Exactly. Make sure you buy your tickets ASAP and we’ll see you at the church. Also, if you want to see the show and cannot make either performance, contact any of our eight performing apprentices to learn more about our invited dress rehearsal. In the meantime, we continue our apprentice solo show spotlights. Check out what our lovely and lively Adriana Bordea is doing for her piece INHALE, 9 Questions!

1. Describe your creation process? (example prompts: What were your expectations in creating? Were they fulfilled or altered? Did you keep your initial idea? What challenged, delighted, or surprised you?

 My creation process has definitely been a wild one! Throughout the rehearsal process I have done so any things I never thought I would do, some successes and some fails, but all ridiculous and awesome in their own quirky ways. I have loved watching my fellow crew creating art just as much as me. I'm in a room full of dreamers and its awe inspiring, there's nothing like it, we are literally throwing ourselves down on that stage, and it’s scary as hell but can’t wait to jump all in! P.S. Shout out to Nikki and Gretchen, they have been such a support to us through all this, much <3!!!!!!!

2. What is your solo show title? What can we expect/what is it about (in one or two sentences)?

I thought I had a title for my piece, but now I'm not sure anymore, my indecisiveness coming out. I'm waiting for something to hit me in the face and be like "Yes, that's my title!". My piece is about confronting a fear of mine, and imaging my future and what it could be if I do overcome it. Love.

3. What do you hope the audience brings to your show and/or takes from your show?

I hope the audience brings there open hearts and stories, will ask the audience members a question and I can’t wait to hear what people have to say! What I hope they take from the show is to possibly rethink their own connection to how they view love and how our imagination is not just something made up, but reality if we really believe in it.

4. Why should people come see the solo shows?

Because solo shows are truly one of a kind. Like people, you are never going to find two the same, they are all different. And if you can find a connection to someone's piece, I believe we did our job. Plus I want to see y'all lovely faces in the audience! Hope to see ya there! :)

INHALE, 9 Questions
7pm, June 9th and June 10th
$10 at the door, but no one turned away
602 NE Prescott Street, Portland, OR 97211