Apprentice Solo Show Spotlight: Jake Simonds


Okay, mostly just this Monday. Why? Because our apprentice company's solo show festival, INHALE, 9 Questions is TOMORROW.

Haven't bought your tickets yet? Don't worry. There's still time to do so here, or you can simply show up and buy your ticket at the door on Tuesday or Wednesday night. Regardless, you will want to be in attendance for this show. Don't miss your chance to see eight brave and beautiful souls spill their deepest selves on the stage for you.

As we wrap up our Solo Show Spotlight blog series with our kickball MVP Jake Simonds, the apprentice company is smack in the middle of their final dress rehearsal where they are performing for some invited guests. If you were one of the lucky ducks who got to see INHALE, 9 Questions today, we would love to hear your feedback in the comments below. 

1. Describe your creation process? (example prompts: What were your expectations in creating? Were they fulfilled or altered? Did you keep your initial idea? What challenged, delighted, or surprised you?)

For most of this process, we were making 3-5 minute composition off of prompts from Nikki Weaver. And while my solo show is actually just an idea I had on my own, my creation process was fueled by all the creation we did earlier this Spring. It was invigorating to create lots of short pieces, and this rapid fire creation helped me trust myself, and gave me the confidence to make the piece I eventually made. 

2. What is your solo show title? What can we expect/what is it about (in one or two sentences)?

"The People I've Loved"-- It is a story, told in rhyming verse, about people that I do or have loved. 

3. What do you hope the audience brings to your show and/or takes from your show?
I'm not picky. I just hope people come, and then I hope they enjoy it. I know I will. 

4. Why should people come see the solo shows?

People should come see the solo shows because I bet it's going to be better that whatever they had previously planned for their Tuesday/Wednesday evening.

INHALE, 9 Questions
7pm, June 9th and June 10th
$10 at the door, but no one turned away
602 NE Prescott Street, Portland, OR 97211

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(Ask a performing apprentice about Monday afternoon's invited dress if you cannot attend!)