Apprentice Solo Show Spotlight: Corinne Gaucher

Our Portland Playhouse Apprentice Company has officially announced their solo show festival, INHALE, 9 Questions! As a tribute to all of their hard work and a count down to the big event, we will be posting spotlights on each of our eight performers and their shows. Up first is our very own Corinne Gaucher!

1. Describe your creation process? (example prompts: What were your expectations in creating? Were they fulfilled or altered? Did you keep your initial idea? What challenged, delighted, or surprised you?)

I was surprised how fluid the creation process was. Over the course of these last two months we've each created 10 different shows, which is absolutely bonkers to fathom. That's a whole 80 shows between us all! A lot of credit belongs to Nikki Weaver (Education Director and certified rockstar) who made the creation process loose and structured at the same time. Having prompts to respond to, or tasks to complete, was exponentially easier to let my imagination wander into realms I never thought I'd end up exploring. My solo show is about something completely different than what I expected it would be, but it is really exciting to see some snippets from my ten previous pieces roll over into my final show.

2. What is your solo show title? What can we expect/what is it about (in one or two sentences)?

My show is titled gut. An ode to physical awareness and body image, gut is a dissection and exploration. I don't want to give to much away, but you can expect physical surprises both big and small, and a whole lot of raw honesty.

3. What do you hope the audience brings to your show and/or takes from your show?

I hope the audience brings open hearts. I hope they take away a fresh outlook, or shifted perspective. I'm not holding anything back in this one.

4. Why should people come see the solo shows?

Come see INHALE, 9 Questions if you are seeking both inspiration and fulfillment for a price you can handle. Come see the solo shows if you are looking for truth. Come see the solo shows if you are looking for answers to what it means to be human. Come see the solo shows if you want to see the power eight individuals have to make you laugh, cry, question, and cheer. 

INHALE, 9 Questions
7pm, June 9th and June 10th
$10 at the door, but no one turned away
602 NE Prescott Street, Portland, OR 97211

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