The Portland Playhouse 2014 - 2015 Apprentice Company presents


Tuesday, June 9th - Wednesday, June 10th    |   7pm
Portland Playhouse  |   602 NE Prescott Street   |   Tickets - $10*

A night of solo performances, devised and performed by:

Adriana Bordea
Emma Bridges
LaTevin Ellis
Andrew Haftkowycz

Corinne Gaucher
Sarah Gehring
Sasha Belle Neufeld
Jake Simonds

...under the direction and guidance of Nikki Weaver and Gretchen Corbett.

8 performers asking questions and seeking answers about everything, from family to national identity, to fear, to love, and so much more. Join us for an evening of raw, provocative, and poignant performances from the emerging artists of the Portland Playhouse Apprentice Company.

* We're broke. We know how it is. If you can't swing $10, just let us know.