Mind Over Matter


Please join us for this exciting event pulling together three apprentices from three different apprentice years! Learn about the process and consider making a donation to the continued development of this work.

About Mind over matter

Mind Over Matter  was developed by Portland Playhouse Education Director Nikki Weaver and Board Chair Harold Goldstein in response to the remarkable solo performance pieces created by Portland Playhouse apprentices over the last three years.  Each performer is a former Portland Playhouse apprentice who devised and created this work under the mentorship of Portland Playhouse company members and faculty.  The stories they tell are their own lived experiences.


THE SPIRIT, Devised and performed by Joseph Gibson

Many choices we make in life shape who we are; some define us."The Spirit” explores that defining moment when who you think you are clashes with who you are.

SCHIZO, Devised and performed by Katie Watkins

SCHIZO follows the development of my brother's schizophrenia. Through the use of simulated auditory hallucinations, a visual representation of schizophrenia, found songs and text, SCHIZO provides an insight into the normalcy and mundanity of his everyday life as he battles the chaos in his mind.

THE AMY SHOW, Devised and performed by Amy Katrina Bryan

The Amy Show is the journey of a young girl who wants to know why? Why..why...WHY!? "Why me?", "Why did I end up this way?", "Why did life deal me this hand?". Spoilers: she never finds out. This play will offer no answers but instead asks "Why not?". "Why NOT me?", "Why NOT end up this way?" "Why not this hand?".

The Director

Nikki Weaver is the Education Director and Co-Founder of Portland Playhouse. She is inspired by her two daughters desire to play, and their need for truthful storytelling.An aspiring actress, a dedicated runner, and a yoga teacher are what drive her towards understanding human nature. Nikki teaches theatre at schools in the Portland and Vancouver area, at Portland Playhouse for the Acting Apprentice Company, and is currently completing a residency with Young Audiences of OR. Nikki holds a BFA from The Academy of Dramatic Arts in Sydney, Australia and an MFA from The George Washington University: Classical Theatre.

The Performers

Joseph Gibson is an actor residing in Portland, Ore. Theater has allowed Joseph to connect with the Portland community and schools in a meaningful and hopefully impactful way. He has been involved with The Fall Festival of Shakespeare, helping young adults mount a Shakespeare play, and also mentoring kids to get ready for the August Wilson Monologue Competition with The Red Door Project. Joseph is excited and honored to share this labor of love with you in hopes that you see the importance of storytelling. To share, tell, and experience the lives of others helps one make sense of this thing we call life.

Katie Watkins has been working as an actor and director in Portland, OR since 2011, with theatre companies Portland Playhouse, Shaking the Tree, Hand2Mouth Theatre, and String House Theatre, among others. She is drawn to solo work because it gives her a chance to explore the most broad and the most detailed places her mind and body can go, and gives her an avenue to tell her own story. "If you don't tell your story, you betray it."

Amy Katrina Bryan: In 28 years of receiving advice, the best I ever received was from a woman who was in a state of complete dementia. She stood in the kitchen rambling off the secret of life while placing a tiny hat on her calico kitten with one hand, and elegantly taking bites of cat food from the can with the other. That woman was my grandmother, whose lessons I’m thrilled to share but never would have remembered until I began working on my solo show at the Portland Playhouse. I am so grateful to be a part of the Portland Playhouse family and creating this show has opened me up to creativity in ways I never knew possible. Thank you Nikki! 

If you are interested in booking our Mind Over Matter Tour for your school/venue, please email Nikki at nikki@portlandplayhouse.org

Saturday May 30 at 10am
Tickets: $20

Coffee and donuts provided

Running time: 60 mins
includes a short talkback with cast and Education Director, Nikki Weaver