From Mónica Fainzaig


I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1960, and received my formal professional education in Buenos Aires. Currently, my time is split between Uruguay and Portland, OR. I am a teacher, director, and playwright - My play "Te Llevo en la Sangre" won the Argentine National Theatre Award in 1999. The play has had several productions in Argentina and, in 2009, the Milagro Theater produced it in Portland, OR.

From 1995 until 1998 I worked with a team writing scripts for television, bth in Argentina and Spain. All were produced and appeared as prime-time miniseries, winning major awards.

Since the year 2000 I have gone several times to Cuba to teach scriptwriting to thesis students at the “Escuela de Cine y TV” (International School of Film and Television), located in San Antonio de los Baños. From 2001-2012 I taught scriptwriting at Portland State University and University of Oregon, and, in Barcelona, at the Institut del Teatre, 9Zeros and Rodar Rodar, movie schools.

In 2014 my book of short stories, "Arachania", was published in Buenos Aires.

At the moment, in Uruguay, I am part of the Cooperative of Cinema, making documentaries and institutional and business videos.