In review: A Christmas Carol


We appreciate any and all commentary focused on the exceptional work produced here by our talented casts and crew. The following are a few of the links you may have missed or would like to revisit regarding our latest show, A Christmas Carol.

Oregon ArtsWatch: "A joyful miser: 'Christmas Carol' at Portland Playhouse"

Quote: "In its fourth year, this tradition for Portland Playhouse comes off as second nature: all the hard behind-the-scenes work appears effortless. A Christmas Carol has seen many incarnations, often with edges that are too polished and Baroque. Portland Playhouse is careful with this play, and gets straight to the message."

Willamette Week: "We Saw Three Versions of A Christmas Carol In One Weekend"

Quote: "You don't expect the traditionalist version of an extremely familiar play to be mind-blowing. But Portland Playhouse leverages the well-trodden script to show off some arty production values that are actually very cool."

This isn't a review, per se, but an advance feature on Jen Rowe taking on the role of Scrooge:

Portland Tribune: "Ghost of Christmas Future is Gender Neutral"

Quote: "With gender neutral, it allows us to explore humanity without gender,” Rowe says. “I love that we’re able to acknowledge in this production that (limitations) don’t matter. The story is about us as humans, and it’s that simple."

Here's artistic director and co-founder Brian Weaver, accompanied by his daughters, in a Christmas week live television interview:

KGW: "Portland Playhouse Brings 'A Christmas Carol' to the Stage"