Portland Playhouse's First Annual High School Summer Program

How do you create new works with nothing but an inkling of an idea?

Where do you start? What does it actually take to put on a full production?

Do you need a year? A month?

We don’t think so.


Portland Playhouse invites high school students to participate in an unforgettable summer theatre experience with our summer program, "No Limits".

Our participants will come together to create an entire theatrical production from scratch in only two weeks. We will begin with nothing: no scripts, no props, no costumes, no set, no money, no limits, just our imaginations and ideas. In the first week our students will choose a theme, write scripts, rework those scripts, design props and "sets”, all while learning what it takes to create original theatrical work.

In week two we will bring that new work to life. We will use everything we created in week one and move into producing our show. Our Students will cast the show, direct scenes, stage manage, create the props and “sets”, add minimal costumes, and perform their work on the professional Playhouse stage for the public.



Thank you for your expressed interest in our summer program No Limits. 

Due to various factors, one of which including the timeline of Phase 2 of our renovation, we will be postponing this program until summer 2019. We hope the additional time, resources, and added space will allow us to give No Limits and our student participants the 110% they deserve when the program launches next year. In the meantime, stay tuned for more information on other community events and workshops we will be hosting this summer and throughout the 2018-2019 school year. 

We deeply appreciate your understanding and readiness to dive in with us this summer. We are so excited to get this program on it's feet in and into your hands next year and hope you will join us then. 

Feel free to reach out directly with any questions you may have. Until then, we'll see you at the Playhouse.


Corinne Gaucher, Assistant Education Director