By Sharr White
Directed by Brian Weaver

What does it take for us to let go and find refuge in the people who care for us? Powerhouse biophysicist, wife, and mother Juliana Smithton is accustomed to being the smartest person in the room—and to getting her way. Smithton has achieved great success as a pitchwoman for pharmaceutical companies, specializing in drugs that combat dementia. But after an episode of minor confusion, Juliana discovers that she might be suffering from medical troubles that painfully resemble the focus of her research. If her own mind is playing tricks on her, who can she trust? Join us for Sharr White’s riveting psychological drama that critics have hailed as...

“...piercing and tonally on-target” (New York Magazine) “curvy and compelling” (NY Daily News), and a “taut, incisive puzzle play” (Backstage).

March 18th – April 12th
Opening Night: March 21st

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Harold Goldstein & Carol Streeter
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